8oz locally handcrafted fruit jams



All of Nana’s Jams are: USDA Certified Organic. Only the ripest fruit is used in our jams to assure sweetness at it’s peak.

We use organic evaporated cane juice and pectin instead of sugar. All Jams are great for a spread. Many people use our jams in yogurt to sweeten them up naturally.

It has been said many times over these jams are good right out of the jar with a spoon because they taste just like fresh fruit.

Many of our customers use our jams for baking and cooking with different kinds of meat. Possibilities are endless!

Most jams also are available in 1oz & 1.5oz size jars which are great for wedding favors and any other occasion for little sample size jars.  1oz/$ .85     1.5oz/$ 1.00.


Peach                    Pepper Peach                 Blushing Star White Peach

Apricot                 Apple Pie                         Blushing Star Amaretto

Blueberry            Amaretto Peach              Bing cherry

Cherry Pie           Mixed Berry                   Vanilla Pear

Plum                    Raspberry                        Strawberry Rhubarb

Rhubarb              Strawberry                     Blackberry

Custom made gift packs (any size) available for any occasion. Includes gift card!