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Nana’s Peach Salsa: has been a sure hit at our markets for many years. The salsa is great not only with chips and a cold beverage but also can be used to bake chicken or pork loin. For many years our customers have used our salsa for a great entertainment snack.

A brick of cream cheese smothered with a cold bottle of our salsa surrounded by a mountain of Triscuits is fabulous!!


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2 reviews for Salsa

  1. Karen Heater

    The salsa is amazing! It is the best peach salsa I have ever tasted and is addictive. I signed onto your website today to order more and said that it is out of stock. If you get any more of this in, please post it!

    • Becky Davis

      I am glad you like the salsa! I’m not sure why it said out of stock but it shows correct now! I would love to send some to you. Becky

  2. Brian Richmond

    this salsa is amazing!

    • Becky Davis

      Thank you for your order. I will be getting the order together. This new system didn’t calculate the shipping correctly so I will be contacting you with the amount it was to actually ship it. Sorry about the inconvenience and I will get this corrected! Thank you. Becky

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