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From our family to yours… Colorado’s finest fruit & jam, Pure & Simple

The Peach Journey for the Davis Family began in 2000 by Lance & Becky Davis, now known as Nana and Papa. Davis Family Farms has been known for its famous roadside stands in Steamboat Springs, CO and Granby CO.  in 2011 Becky opened up her own little fruit stand at the family farm called Nana’s (which she is proud to be called by her many grandkids.) Davis Family Farms is a family venture. 4 generations working side by side to provide your family our sweet, juicy, Palisade Peaches.

Today we have 2 convenient locations in Palisade, CO  to serve our customers along with our Farm Markets and Roadside Stands.

We are proud of the peaches we grow and stand by our quality. We have always been quality driven and not quantity driven to be sure you get the best palisade peaches.


The Davis family has been committed to spreading the love of Palisade Peaches through helping schools, booster clubs and many other types of organizations raise money through the Fundraising Division of Davis Family Farms.

Contact Info for fundraising:
davisfundraising @
Levon: 970-623-0410
or 970-216-5285

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Thank you for contacting us!  We look forward to talking with you about Davis Family Farms and Nana’s Fruit & Jam Shack. Please take a moment to fill out our information form, and we can answer your questions or take your order.

You are welcome to call us for more information:

  • Fundraising & Jam shack:
    • Becky Davis 970-216-5285 /
  • Granby Market:
    • Levon Davis 970-623-0410 /
  • Steamboat Markets:
    • Lance Davis 970-216-3667 /
  • Wholesale peaches:
    • Becky Davis 970-216-5285 /

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